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BelekFootball has an important place within the content of Kaya Hotels & Resorts’ sports facilities

A great number of professional football fields, training courses and goal-keeper training courses offer indispensable opportunities both for sports clubs and football lovers.
There are 5 football fields and training courses at Kaya Belek Hotel in the Mediterranean Region. In Belek, where forest and sea meet, our fields are in walking distance to the hotel and are in the midst pine forests. There is a walking and a cross-country race track for the football teams. All of our football fields that differ in dimensions have drainage systems. Lolium, Feslika and Bermuda 419 type lawns are used in the fields because of their congruity to weather conditions.

Dimensions of Kaya Belek football fields

3 standard football fields

105m x 68m

2 training fields

68m x 50m

Kaya Hotels trying to maintain the service quality at the maximum level by guest polls carried out every month at the hotel, guest satisfaction ranks in the first place at Kaya Hotels and Resorts.

In each of Kaya Hotels, you are welcomed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere as soon as you step in. Kaya offers you a unique service beyond your expectations with its elegance.

Kaya Hotels & Resorts knows the expectations and requirements of the guests in every age group with an experience of 18 years in hotel management and makes you feel the quality of service concept as soon as you enter the facility.

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Have you met the Golf Holidays in Belek Antalya Turkey ?

3S Travel submits you the matchless Golf opportunuties of Belek and Turkey. Except Golf, we also submit sportsmen opportunuties of having holiday in the most elite hotels and wasting free time out of hotel.

We would like to prove that holiday doesn’t mean just sand, sea and sun in Turkey. In spite of, in Turkey there are alternative tourism activities, tourism has developped as sun and resort tourism. Golf has started with the first Golf Club of Belek, National Golf Club’s opening in 1994 after the golf clubs in Istanbul.

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